"Members are automatically enrolled in our gemology course. You can take the complete course through to their certification. However, there are no required examinations or time frames to deal with. You can just read at your leisure without ever taking an exam." Don Clark, International Gem Society, 2013.

The above quote is from IGS founder Don Clark in their website, and clearly demonstrates the IGS gemology program is not based on accepted industry standards for gemology schools. No exams? No Instructors? And falsified gemology credentials? All of these are a part of the International Gem Society and we believe you should look at these carefully before choosing the IGS "program" for your gemology study.


The IGS Diploma Mill

Diploma Mill (def.): An organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas with substandard or no academic study…




Bait and Switch Tactics of the IGS

"Our goal is to provide an affordable education in gemology." IGS Website

It's what you don't see in this program's advertising that will cost you far more than you are told.



Your IGS Instructor....is YOU!

Your IGS gemology instructor is not really an instructor, it is you! The IGS has no instructors!




The IGS Money Machine

Seth Rosen is cashing in huge with the IGS money machine by simply re-dating old Don Clark articles.


We urge you to carefully consider your decision before you spend your time and money with the fake gemology program of the International Gem Society.

Who We Are

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We are the Gobsmacked Gang, those who cannot believe the things that spring from the mouth of the International Gem Society's Don Clark, another Mr. Bean of the gemmological world.

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