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The IGS has no instructors. Your instructor is you!

"...our Learning Center, and the burden is on the student to follow the Syllabus to learn the material.

There is a simple reason why you will have no instructor at the International Gem Society: the entire operation is a man and wife with no gemological credentials or experience. In other words, you will have no instructor because the IGS owners are not gemologists.

It gets worse:

The IGS course program has no actual courses. It is composed of newsletter articles written by the discredited Don Clark, many over 20 years ago. This means you are studying on your own, without a formal instructor, without a credentialed gemologist to help guide you, and the program is based on 20 year old newsletter articles that have simply been re-dated and re-published 20 years later as a course program.

Here are some comments and questions direct from IGS students. Read these carefully as they tell you what you can expect when studying with the IGS:

IGS Student Comments on the problems of studying the IGS program without an instructor:

I am confused. The syllabus says we will have 2 tests to take, one covers all the material and is written, the other is identification of 15 stones. However, when I browsed around I hit "my status" and there was a quiz there for me to take. Is this just practice? What materials does it cover? Without a teacher it is difficult to tell if I am over studying or what to study without quizzes. Anyone have any insight? Thanks for any help.

Hi,im sure I got some answers right on test 3 which when I submitted the test,the website told me id got them wrong.Has anyone else had this issue?What do I do if I feel I got them right? GemFreak

Ive been waiting two months now for the gemstone set to do my practical test.The gem society emailed me on the 14th november asking me to confirm my address,which i did so.Then a few wees ago i emailed them and they said they were sending it.How long did it take for others to get their kits?Im in the

Hi,ive just looked at the second test,and noticed that some questions are exactly the same as in test 1,is this a website error or why would they be the same?

The Proper Method to Teach Gemology

Students of gemology need the guidance and tutoring of a trained, experienced gemologist with recognized gemological credentials. More importantly, they need current, up-to-date study materials based on the latest developments in the gemology industry.

The use of outdated newsletter articles as an excuse for a gemology course, and a husband and wife team with no gemology experience as IGS owners, makes the IGS "Professional Certified Gemologist" diploma worthless.

Making new gemology students be their own instructors is the most absurd concept we have heard.

We urge you to carefully consider your decision before you spend your time and money with the fake gemology program of the International Gem Society.

Who We Are

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We are the Gobsmacked Gang, those who cannot believe the things that spring from the mouth of the International Gem Society's Don Clark, another Mr. Bean of the gemmological world.

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