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...The IGS Money Machine. Seth Rosen cashes in!

"...IGS is a for-profit Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA,"

Here is why the new IGS owners just re-date Don Clark's 20 year old newsletter articles and call them a "Certified Professional Gemologists" program.

Money, and lots of it!

BIG MONEY into the pockets of the new owners. Seth Rosen refers to himself as a "active Internet entrepreneur" and that clearly shows.

Let's do some math here, and remember, Seth Rosen is not a gemologist, has no gemology training, but is making this money by regurgitating the 20 year old newsletter articles of discredited IGS founder Don Clark and calling it a "Certified Professional Gemologist" program.

According to the IGS website, the IGS has 5,404 members. If we take an average membership fee of $8 per month, that is a gross profit of $43,232 per month.

Think about this for a minute: $43,232.00 per month with just a man and wife team owning and operating the website, no gemology instructors, no gemology courses and students must study for themselves with no assistance.

$43,232.00 per month is what the IGS takes in....by their own numbers, and provide no instructors and 20 year old news articles in place of courses?

Seth Rosen is clearly cashing in on the misrepresentation and falsified claims of his predecessor, Don Clark.

We urge you to carefully consider your decision before you spend your time and money with the fake gemology program of the International Gem Society.

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We are the Gobsmacked Gang, those who cannot believe the things that spring from the mouth of the International Gem Society's Don Clark, another Mr. Bean of the gemmological world.

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