Facts About the IGS Diploma Mill

Diploma Mill (def.): An organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas with substandard or no academic study…

Fact: Although the IGS makes outrageous claims to offer a "Certified Professional Gemologist" degree, the term "Certified Gemologist" is a title of the American Gem Society that the International Gem Society has stolen. The AGS Certified Gemologist is based on a formally recognized gemological certification body with industry recognized credentials.

Fact: The IGS Certified Professional Gemologist diploma is not recognized by any formal gemology industry organization or association, no government oversight body, and is not recognized anywhere in the gemology or jewelry industry.

Fact: Neither the current or former owners of the International Gem Society have passed any recognized gemology examinations, nor do they hold any degree or title from any recognized gemology school or institute.

Fact: IGS Founder Don Clark, on whose articles the IGS Certified Professional Gemologist diploma is based, lied about his gemological credentials. He claimed to hold the title of International Master Gemologist, a title that does not exist anywhere in the world. This is a contrived title made up to falsely represent the IGS gemology program as having some formal gemology background. It does not.

Fact: The Certified Professional Gemologist diploma is a contrived title, made up by the owners of the International Gem Society, and is not based on any formal gemology training or any of the owners having ever completing a gemological diploma program.

Fact: Don Clark lied about his gemological title because had had none, and the IGS Certified Professional Gemologist diploma is based on this false and malicious lie.

Alternatives to the IGS False Claims

So what is a prospective student to do? What about someone who wants to study gemmology and obtain some sort of recognized certification?

The reality is that, like everything else in life, there are no shortcuts. IGS promises dumbed-down education and a "diploma" at the end. They deliver on both. The schooling is dumb and they give you a scrap of paper at the end. While the former is worth a little; the latter is completely useless.

If studying gemmology is the goal, it would be far better to simply purchase a good book or three and read them carefully.

But we understand gemmology students need more. When they have questions, they need an avenue to obtain answers. There are a number of online free general resources that can help, including:

We urge you to carefully consider your decision before you spend your time and money with the fake gemology program of the International Gem Society.

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